The Menninger Clinic

The Menninger Clinic needed a mix of pre-recorded and live-streamed video to celebrate the Groundbreaking of their new Outpatient Services Center. We produced a variety of content to keep the event visually exciting and operated the live streaming of the event so the folks at Menninger could take the stress of those logistics off their plate.

  • The Menninger Clinic Outpatient Services Center Virtual Groundbreaking Ceremony

Mental health services are too often an afterthought to our health care system, but at the Menninger Clinic, they are dedicating their lives to providing the best mental health care in the world. That's why we have been proud to produce a package of videos for the organization which showcase some of the amazing services they offer, highlight their educational programs, and honor some of the people responsible for this great work.

The Gathering Place

Nurse Training

Vivie O'Sullivan's Story

Jeff Paine's Story

Hamill Foundation Honoree Video

Behind the Scenes

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