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Video Production on a New Level

Cut to Create collaborates with clients to create something visually memorable and emotionally persuasive. We create many different types of videos, like corporate testimonials, commercial brand stories, documentaries, fundraising, nonprofit, animation, and more. Our standard is nothing short of exceptional — we work to create stories that intrigue. We are a full-service video production company that utilizes 10+ years of experience to get the job done right, on-time, and on budget with the highest quality every time. We specialize in telling compelling stories and we would be honored to work with you. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about our process. To get started, reach out to our team now.

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What We Do

  • Work closely with clients to finalize concept, script, storyboard, shooting schedule, and style.

  • Location scout and pre-interview talent

  • Audition and hire professional voice-over talent

  • Audition and cast on-camera talent

  • Film on location with our spunky lil team of filmmakers who can travel to any location anywhere in the world, or coordinate with other crew long-distance

  • Create high-end graphics such as logo animation, photo animations, and dynamic text graphics

  • Our editing wizards will toss the raw footage, music, and other assets into their cauldron, throw a toad in and send you a link to see their creation (or maybe test their brew).

  • Easily share our work in progress through secure links which allow clients to provide feedback on drafts and revisions in real-time

  • We deliver your final file in the format appropriate for your intended use, as well as an uncompressed file format for archiving.

At Cut to Create, we pride ourselves on the amazing work we are able to do for our clients and take client expectations and goals seriously. We don’t provide a haphazardly created video — our projects spark inspiration. What separates us from our competitors? Well, we could say it’s our drive towards upholding the highest standard in video production, or our commitment to providing excellent side-by-side customer service. Instead of going on, however, we will let our work speak for itself.

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What the Process Looks Like

We Average 6-10 Weeks, From Contract Signing to Delivery

Filming on a green screen

Once you’ve made the decision that you want to partner with Cut to Create to bring your idea to life, the next step is to meet- in person or virtually- with as many stakeholders in this project as possible! This helps us best identify your needs, the logistics that entails, and get to know your brand. This will all factor into the story we ultimately tell. At this point, we will have a pretty detailed budget proposal, perhaps even including some early stage creative direction. There is typically room for adjustment within the proposals — we want to help our clients allocate their budget in the ways that are most meaningful and effective for their goals. We will not, on the other hand, ever undercut our value or the elements we believe are necessary to ensure that we maintain the highest level of quality in video production. We respect that high-quality video production is a considerable monetary investment, and we will never cut corners that will negate the value of that investment.


We maintain a high level of communication with our clients to get a more in-depth understanding of their creative ideas before making firm production plans, which leads us to our next step: pre-production. Pre-production involves planning all of the elements we will be including in the video like research, scripting, scheduling, location scouting, auditioning and casting actors, and production insurance. Next, the step you’ve been waiting for, is filming. We plan our filming days to be as efficient as possible but remain flexible to capture any unexpected moments and overcome [inevitable] last-minute challenges. Perhaps most importantly, we maintain a professional but relaxed atmosphere on set, as most of the folks we work with on screen aren't professional actors (i.e. you and your coworkers) and may not feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. We got into this business because it's fun, and we want you to have fun too.

Post-production follows the filming process, and that’s truly where the magic happens. Add-ons like animations, graphics, and video edits will all be done during this phase, and this is when the video really starts coming to life. The length of the post-production timeline depends on client needs and size of the project. When we have a rough draft created, we make sure that clients have had a chance to review the project and send over any revisions. Client participation is vital, and we offer three rounds of revisions to ensure that your creation is a perfect fit! Our last step in the process is delivery, the light at the end of the tunnel.

Projects generally take 6-8 weeks from contract signing to delivery, although it is often delivered sooner because we prioritize pre-planning to minimize post-production surprises and rounds of revision. If you want a rough estimate of the project from start to finish, give us a ring and we would be happy to walk you through a typical project timeline and budget.

Cut to Create brings your idea to life. We specialize in telling a story that reflects your voice and your values, capturing your business and the incredible people who work there. Contact us today to get started.