NYU Department of Biomaterials

Overview Video

The NYU Department of Biomaterials was seeking to recruit new students and researchers to their program and needed a series of videos that would describe the differentiators of their program in contrast to other schools, their unique positioning in New York City, and some of the exciting research currently taking place at their facilities.

Cut to Create traveled to New York City to capture the action at the school and profile some of the program’s main professors, mentors, and researchers. This footage was divided into several videos that focused on individual research projects and one main video that provided prospects with an overview of the department.

  • NYU Biomaterials Department Overview Video

Bringing Dental Implants Into the Real World with Jack Ricci PhD

New Age Diagnostics Research with John McDevitt PhD

Measuring the Periodic Table with Tim Bromage PhD

Next Gen Ceramic Dental Restorations with Yu Zhang PhD

Reconstructive Surgery with Paolo Coehlo PhD

Behind the Scenes

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