DesignHive by Brookfield

Brookfield wanted to connect with businesses who were seeking to lease office space with a focus on design and innovation, so they needed a video which explained their DesignHive Concept, an innovative and forward-thinking spec suite design product, and specifically the thought process behind some of their completed spaces.

Interviews with members of the construction team as well as DesignHive project leads combined with spec space footage to create a detailed and visually striking picture of DesignHive’s capabilities and methodology.

More than 20 tours were scheduled with prospective lessees in the first two weeks of launch.

  • Brookfield DesignHive


Inventure Design

Rottet Studio

Ziegler Cooper Architects

Gensler Suite Reveal

Inventure Design Suite Reveal

Rottet Studio Suite Reveal

Ziegler Cooper Architects Suite Reveal

Behind the Scenes

Brookfield DesignHive Behind the Scenes

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