The Mister

How do you get your Kickstarter project fully funded in less than 24 hours? Well the most important thing is to have an awesome, useful product like The Mister. But we like to think that having an explainer video produced by us has a little bit to do with it too. ;-)

Behind the Scenes

2014-10-13 13.58.08.jpg
2014-10-13 16.50.46.jpg
2014-10-14 11.02.14.jpg
2014-10-14 12.10.17.jpg
2014-10-14 11.02.17.jpg
2014-10-14 17.27.28.jpg
2014-10-14 16.47.31-1.jpg
2014-10-27 21.21.08.jpg
2014-10-14 17.27.39.jpg
2014-10-27 21.23.21.jpg
2014-11-12 09.22.32-1.jpg

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